NPMG Series Low Loss Molded Power Inductors

NIC Components proudly presents the NPMG series, a groundbreaking addition to our molded power inductor line.
This series represents an upgrade from our NPIM_Z and NPMS product lines, offering engineers and designers a powerful solution for their applications. The NPMG series is engineered to excel in a wide range of applications, including DC-to-DC and AC-to-DC converters. Larger sizes are perfect for base stations, servers, routers, and switches, while the smaller chip sizes are ideal for battery-operated devices, body electronics, comfort systems, handheld devices, POS systems, and navigation equipment.
NPMG Series Low Loss Molded Power Inductors


ZXCT199Q High-Precision, Bi-Directional Current Monitor for Accurate Automotive High-Side and Low-Side Current Measurement

The automotive-compliant ZXCT199Q current monitor family is comprised of single-stage instrumentation amplifiers designed to accurately measure very small sense voltages across a wide range of common-mode voltages. Its applications include current sensing of load/rail currents in automotive motor control, charging, and battery charging equipment (BCE) applications.

Diodes Bi-Directional Current Monitor


ZXCT21xQ High-Precision Current Monitor for Accurate High-Side and Low-Side Current Measurement in Automotive Applications

The automotive-compliant ZXCT21xQ current monitor family are single-stage instrumentation amplifiers designed to accurately measure very small sense voltages across a wide range of common- mode voltages.

Applications include current sensing of power rail/load currents in BLDC motor control, high-power DC-DC converters, real- time reporting of state-of-health in critical equipment, and battery-charging equipment.

Diodes High Precision Current Monitor


New Product Announcement | AP43776Q
The DIODES™ AP43776Q is a highly integrated, dual-channel, USB Type-C®, PD3.1 / PPS, BC 1.2 and QC protocol decoder. It passes certification of USB Type-C power delivery specification Rev 3.1 with PPS and Quick ChargeTM QC5 protocol.
Diodes AP43776Q


TELINK SEMICONDUCTOR (Shanghai) CO, LTD is a fabless IC design company and was founded in 2010 with subsidiaries and offices in California, Shenzhen, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Telink is dedicated to the development of highly integrated low power radio-frequency and mixed signal system chips for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.
The current product portfolio from Telink includes low-power 2.4Ghz RF SoCs for Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, 6LoWPAN/Thread, Homekit, serving numerous markets including smart lighting, home automation, smart city, and other consumer electronics markets.
Telink leverages its world class core team with both oversea and local talents, and is striving to become a world-leading semiconductor company. With constant innovation, Telink Semiconductor continuously provides system-level IoT chips to its customers with rapid time-to-market and exceptional added values.


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